Concert date: Sunday 29 June 2014
Place: UnderWerket
Doors open 7PM
Valgårdsvej 2 / Entrance from Toftegårds Plads
2500 Valby (Copenhagen)


Admission fee: 125dkk. (payment via paypal: 135dkk)
Preorder tickets from

Fire+Ice was founded by singer Ian Read in 1991 as one of the originators of the neofolk scene. Earlier on, Read had worked as a member of Sol Invictus, while participating on recordings with bands such as Death In June. Musically, Fire+Ice is situated in a field encompassing traditional, solemn folk-music and folk-rock, with songs inspired by asatru, nordic mythology, medieval legends and similar themes from ancient times.

Besides Ian Read, Fire+Ice will on this occasion consist of Michael Moynihan, Annabel Lee and Bob Ferbrache. Michael and Annabel are both core members of Blood Axis and have a long and wide history ranging from New York Underground and industrial music to neofolk and traditionalism, excercising in writing, publishing and music, as well as holding a torch of ideas and lifestyle beyond time. Bob Ferbrache is an influcial Denver based producer, sound engineer and musician who played a key role as producer/musician in "The Denver Sound" wave of band such as Woven Hand, 16horsepower, The Kalamath Brothers, The Czars, the Hectics, Foreskin 500, Tarantella, Maraca Five-0, DeVotchKa, Jay Munly and severel other projects.

Tourpage for Fire+Ice and Knotwork touring europe in June/July 2014:

Annabel and Michael Moynihan with friends play music from Old Europe and New England. Traditional folk music, mostly from Ireland, with bodhran, fiddle and guitar.

To the right, a whole concert with Knotwork playing live at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, New York City on December 22, 2013, press the youtube logo for full screen view.

Knotwork on Facebook:

Danish support act Moongazing Hare plays dreamy psychedelic neofolk with drone elements and has played at Fanø Free Folk Festival.

Moongazing Hare bandcamp: