Awen and Et Nihil n Copenhagen


Date: October 14 2015 7PM
UnderWerket, Valgårdsvej 2, 2500 Valby MAP
Entrance: 100dkk

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Awen is one of the most exciting new acts to emerge from the post-industrial/neofolk/experimental/martial scene in years.

Awen is a vehicle for the visions and baritone of Erin Powell with the participation and production of Per Nilsson, and the voice and percussive efforts of Katrin X. Wes Radvansky (also active in black metal act Krigsgrav) officially joined as guitarist in 2014 in time for the recording of Awen’s latest album, the excellent “Grim King of the Ghosts”, which was one of CVLTnation’s Top 6 neofolk releases of 2014. On this tour, Awen will be joined by Glenn Bailey on pipes.

The first Awen releases were released between 2006 and 2008 in highly limited CD-R editions. Since then, the band has risen to become one of the bigger acts within the scene. They have collaborated with artists such as Freya Aswynn (Fire+Ice, 6 Comm, Current 93 and others) B9 InVid (Luftwaffe, Et Nihil), and Gaya Donadio (AntiChildLeague) among others.

This is Awen’s first show in Denmark.

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Chicago’s Et Nihil may be a relatively new act within the world of post-punk inspired apocalyptic folk/industrial, more menacing that most of the current, more romantically inclined neofolk scene.

However, mainman B9 InVid (vocals, guitar, electronics) is something of a veteran of the scene, having been one half of long running American luminaries Luftwaffe. B9 InVid is aided by percussionist Jonathan S. (also active in black metal band Vlk) and Wes Radvansky on bass.

They have released one ep, “Onus”, to favourable reviews in 2013 and a live triple split album together with Sonne Hagal and Awen in 2014.

Surely, a bright – or, rather, a dark, apocalyptic future awaits Et Nihil!

New act from Copenhagen with Mikkel Andersen and Hildesvin, based on a mystical intrepetaion of the Malt runestone and older danish folklore and myths about the Eldertree.

Not long time ago, people in Copenhagen said that the eldertrees walked around at night. On occasions it killed people, if it didn't recieved proper offerings and respect. Mikkel Andersen has a background as musician and producer in Metal, Irish traditional folk, and North Indian music. As a teenager he constructed many of the rituals now used in the offical danish Asatru Society. This mythological and musical meltingpot, is a core in his compositions.

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